The Mission is the Win

The Mission is the Win

Sunday, June 19, 2022 – Father’s Day Sunday Morning Worship Service

Welcome to Sunday Worship Service at Milliken. This morning we will be Dedicating Pastor Eddie’s Daughter and celebrating the installation of our Senior Pastor, Rev. Eddie Jjumba. If you have not done so already, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. You will be notified whenever we go live or upload new videos.

== Order of Service ==

Welcome/Announcements/Opening Prayer
Worship Dance by Living Out Loud for Christ: “Candle in the Dark” / “Selense”
Spoken Word by Andrew Peterkun
Worship In Song: “Awesome”
Worship In Song: “Good Good Father”
Children’s Moment by Sister Jessica
Worship in Song through Chimes: “More Precious Than Silver” / “Spirit of The Living God”
Time of Prayer
Special Music by Esther & Ezekiel: “Something Has To Break”
Child Dedication
Senior Pastor Installation
Sermon by Dr. Eric Hallett: “The Mission is The Win”
Worship In Song: “Goodness of God”
Closing Remarks / Benediction
Worship Dance Outro by Living Out Loud for Christ: “My Light”


Milliken Church is part of The Wesleyan Church, an evangelical, holiness group within the Methodist Christian family of denominations. To learn more, visit our website or speak with our pastors.


Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church is a welcoming community that values diversity. We strive to honour God, confessing Jesus is Lord, through various forms of praise and worship, thoughtful teaching, opportunities for spiritual growth, leadership development, compassionate outreach and service.