Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church

Milliken Church came into being when a small group of people attending Amroth Wesleyan Church in Toronto committed to begin a new church in the northeast section of town. On September 7, 1980, under the leadership of Rev. Alan Summers, the first service was held at Silver Springs Public School. Twenty-five people attended.

During the seasons that followed, God led people from many nations to this place of worship. Many changes have taken place since our first days; including two moves, five pastors, one merger and lots of neighbourhood change.

God continues to lead and bless as we celebrate our 35th year in communion with Christ.

What’s in a Name?

Milliken – God has called us to bless and serve the people who call the Milliken Area home. This includes Southern Markham, and Northern Scarborough.

Wesleyan – We seek to live a holy life like the one Jesus modeled. It has power to change the world for good.

Methodist – We work together with multiple denominations around the world. Methodist are those who strive with enthusiastic plans to bless others and share the hope of the Gospel.

Church – More than just a civic or social club, we are a group with eternal perspective and purpose. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ is the only kingdom that you can enter and find blessing forever. It also promises justice and peace to all peoples.