Christianity doesn’t have to be boring.reachcircle

We believe in the power and potential of a young life devoted to God. That is why we have a thriving and active youth ministry that is built on the foundations of discipleship, worship, and solid biblical teaching that combined with service work to bring youth from where they are to where they can be. Come and join our youth group to see what this is all about.

Mid-Week Program

On Wednesday evenings between 6:30 and 8:30 we open our doors to youth ages 12-18 and encourage them to come in and worship in music, teaching, small group mentoring and games. This is an opportunity for young people to have a Church experience just for them. We look for opportunities for youth to not only come and observe, but to take real ownership over their walk with Jesus and make personal commitments to going deeper with Him. This living ministry continually seeks to grow and expand as we are called to fulfill the great commission in this age.IMG_0432

Youth Church Service Program

It is important that our students become part of the whole church, that is why students in Grades 7-9 alternate between:
1. Active service in our morning worship as they read, usher, acolyte, pray, perform skits and share music;
2. Gather for a special class that encourages them to make spiritual progress in their commitment to Christ and His Church.

Youth Fellowship

On the last Thursday of each month, students in Grades 7-12 are welcomed to our youth fellowship in the afternoon. This is a time where we as a group get to build relationships, engage in fun and exciting activities and connect with one another on a personal level.

Special Youth events

Throughout the year we have opportunities to connect with the churches of the area and youth from within the GTA. These events build relationships with the denominational churches as well as expand the perspective of each youth to remind them that we are a part of something bigger, a movement of people wholly devoted to God.

Senior High Service Assignments

It is important to remember that we have been given a gift, one that deserves to be shared. Part of the youth ministry of this church is that we continually seek out opportunities to “give back” even a portion of the talents, time, and other resources we’ve been given and serve in various ways to those within our reach.

Wave Weekend

Wave Weekend is one of the biggest events of the year for Milliken Youth! Wave Weekend happens the third weekend of June. Visit the Wave Weekend Page for more Details.