Ginny Owens Benefit Concert
  • 3 Clayton Dr, Markham, ON L3R 8N3

  • Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church

Ginny Owens Benefit Concert


To celebrate our 36th Anniversary Weekend, we will be holding a benefit concert for World Hope Canada featuring Ginny Owens. Entry is free but seating is limited.  An offering will be taken in support of World Hope Canada and all donations will go to them. Doors open at 6:30p, Concert begins at 7p.

“I’ve always loved visiting Toronto, but it’s been several years. The last time I was there, the folks I was with insisted we go to Swiss Chalet for every single meal….like 5 meals. I’ll never forget that!  I first learned of World Hope Canada when the Director of Marketing, Richinda Bates, reached out to me about using one of my songs for a video they were creating. I then went to their website and learned more about them. I love the work they do! It is challenging, tedious work to fight human trafficking and to meet the needs of peoples in remote areas of the world, and I’m honored to partner with a wonderful organization who is willing to take on these challenges.”  

-Ginny Owens

About World Hope Canada

World Hope Canada works with some of the poorest people in the world and the good news is that we can make a tremendous difference in their lives! We are a Christian relief and development organization with a focus on those who could be easily forgotten. dsc00442

Our philosophy of working with national partners to develop and implement life changing strategies comes from a deeply seated belief that people generally know what they need and how to solve whatever problems they are facing. World Hope Canada comes along side our partners and engages in active listening with the goal of building local capacity and providing resources so that national people can effectively address their difficulties with home-grown solutions.

We pay special attention to the issues of child welfare and human trafficking while seeking to encourage self-sufficiency and inspire hope through projects and activities such as education, community and economic development, leadership and skills training, and public health.2015-08-30-09-41-38

As a Christian faith-based organization, we infuse all of our activities with the Spirit and example of Jesus Christ, believing that personal and community transformation occurs best with God’s help. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is both our inspiration and our guide. At the same time, World Hope Canada is 100% committed to the non-sectarian delivery of humanitarian aid. Recognizing that our international partners and clients are generally in a vulnerable position, we ensure that our work is never used in a manipulative fashion to further religious goals. All our projects are implemented without religious “strings attached.” In doing so, we are persuaded that we are following the example of Jesus, who loved all equally.

About Ginny Owens

Ginny_cover_finalA three-time Dove Award winner, Ginny Owens became a household name when she was named Gospel Music Association’s New Artist of the Year in 2000. In a career that has spanned fifteen years, Ginny’s seven studio recordings have amassed nearly one million records in sales and spawned career-defining number ones like “If You Want Me To” and“Free.” Her songwriting prowess has earned her song cuts by artist peers like Rachael Lampa and Christian music legend Michael W. Smith, and awarded Ginny a mantle of ASCAP and BMG Music Publishing Awards.

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Owens discovered melodies on the piano before she could complete a sentence. As her vision began to leave her eyes–a degenerative eye condition left Ginny completely blind by age three–songs began to emerge from her fingertips, providing a window into the world for Owens. Despite her physical challenge, the illustrious songstress pursued a career in music. Her unique musical style and inspirational lyrics have transcended genre definition, endearing her to Christian and mainstream listeners alike to afford her audiences at the White House, the Sundance Film Festival, Lilith Fair and a rare performance at the 60th Annual National Day of Prayer in Washington, D.C.

In 2005, Owens launched The Fingerprint Initiative, a hands-on non-profit organization designed to “bring hope to the world, one project and one touch at a time,” a motto that echoes her desire as a singer-songwriter. “I’ve spent enough time listening to people’s stories to know that they’re desperately seeking hope,” Ginny explains. “Perhaps I can encourage with a song that says, ‘I know something about what you’re feeling. And I believe with all my heart that there is indeed hope.’” Ginny has been featured on NBC’s Today Show and CNN in recognition of her initiative’s relief contributions domestically.

When not on the road, Owens serves as an adjunct professor of songwriting at her alma mater, Belmont University, and is on staff as a worship leader at The People’s Church in Franklin, Tennessee. Her first book will release on Thomas Nelson in the first quarter of 2015.



Gospel Music Association Dove Awards

2000 – New Artist of the Year
2000 – Enhanced CD of the Year – “Without Condition”
2001 – Inspirational Song of the Year – “Blessed”
(recorded by Rachael Lampa, written by Ginny Owens & Cindy Morgan)

1999 – “Free” – Pop/Rock Recorded Song of the Year
2000 – “If You Want Me To” – Song of the Year & Pop/Rock Recorded Song of the Year
2001 – “Remember Me” (duet with Mark Schultz) – Song of the Year
2001 – “40” (collaboration with Apt Core) – Rhythmic Recorded Song of the Year

ASCAP Awards
“If You Want Me To” – from the 2001 project “Without Condition” – CM Award
“I Am” – from the 2002 album “Something More” – CM Award
“Blessed” – from the 2002 Rachael Lampa Project “Live For You” – CM Award

BMG Music Publishing Awards
#1 Song – “If You Want Me To”
#1 Song – “Blessed” (recorded by Rachael Lampa, written by Ginny Owens & Cindy Morgan)


#1 Singles:
1999 – “Free” – CCM AC (also 2000 Top 25 Soft Adult AC)
2000 – “If You Want Me To” – CCM AC
2000 – “I Am Nothing” – CCM Inspirational
2001 – “Remember Me” (duet with Mark Schultz) – CCM AC
2001 – “40” – CCM Rhythmic
2001 – “Blessed” (recorded by Rachael Lampa / written by Ginny Owens & Cindy Morgan) – CCM Inspirational

Top 5 Singles:
2000 – “Springs Of Life” – CCM AC
2002 – “I Am” – CCM AC

Top 10 Singles:
2001 – “I Wanna Be Moved” – CCM CHR
2002 – “All I Want To Do” – CCM/INSPO
2005 – “Fellow Traveler” – AC/CCM


2000 – “Gone” from the Michael W. Smith album “This is Your Time” – Certified Platinum
(co-written with Michael W. Smith)


1999 – Without Condition
2002 – Something More
2002 – BluEPrint (EP)
2004 – Beautiful
2005 – Live From New Orleans
2005 – Long Way Home
2006 – If You Want Me To: The Best Of Ginny Owens
2007 – Bring Us Peace (Christmas album)
2008 – Ephemera (EP)
2009 – Say Amen
2010 – Ephemera 2 (EP)
2011 – Get In, I’m Drivin’
2014 – I Know A Secret