MWMC This Week – December 13, 2020

MWMC This Week – December 13, 2020

December 13, 2020

Welcome to Milliken Church!

The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word that means coming or arrival. For centuries the Church has celebrated the four-week Advent season by lighting candles in a wreath and reflecting on the coming of Jesus as told in Scripture. The circle of the wreath represents God’s never-ending love for us, the evergreens represent Christ’s gift of eternal life and the candles announce Jesus as the Light of the World.





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“Mary’s Boy Child”
Welcome/ Announcements
“Joy To The World”
Advent Reading
Time of Prayer
Scripture Reading
Luke 2:15-20
Matthew 2:2-12
“A Perspective of Joy”
Closing Song
“Jesus, What A Wonderful Child”


Upcoming Speakers

Dec.20 – Rev. Aza Butcher
Dec. 27 – Pastor Stephen Rollins
Jan. 3 – Rev. Pamela Bauer




Survey The LBA plans to resume the Pastoral Search and are looking to you for feedback on what you, the members of Milliken Church are looking for in a Senior Pastor. A survey has gone out by email and is also available on our website. Please have this survey completed and submitted by Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Offering Envelopes Offering envelopes #1-130 for 2021 are now available and ready for pick up. If you would like to make arrangements, please call the church to schedule a time during office hours to collect your set.

Communion Service Sunday, December 20, we will have our last communion service of the year. We invite you to partake in the holy sacraments, immediately following the morning message of our Worship Service. Just as we did during our Thanksgiving service, we ask you to prepare your own elements of bread and juice at home, and reserve a consecrated space where you plan to partake of the elements. We look forward to having you join us then.

Offering During COVID-19 Please remember Tithes and Offerings can be submitted in person or online. If you would like to arrange a personal drop off please call 905-475-3579. Leave a message and someone will confirm your arrangements. Drop off times are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00am-1:00pm; Wednesdays, 10:00am-6pm. You may also visit us at and select GIVE. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Scripture: NEHEMIAH 8:10, PSALM 16:11, PSALM 119:111, GALATIANS 5:22, JOHN 15:7-11, ECCLESIASTES 5:19-20, PSALM 97:11
Sermon: “A Perspective of Joy ”
Speaker: Rev. Pamela Bauer

The Next Week at MWMC

Sun Dec. 13 
11:00am – Children’s Church Online

Tue. Dec. 15
7:15pm – Time to Pray Online

Wed. Dec. 16
7:00pm – Youth Outreach Online
7:30pm – Bible Study Online Begins

Sun. Dec. 20
9:30am – MWMC Online Service

Last Sunday Statistics

Virtual (Viewing) Attendance: 137
Offering Last Sunday: $4985

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Milliken Church is part of The Wesleyan Church; an evangelical, holiness group within the Methodist Christian family of denominations. To learn more, visit our website or speak with our pastor.

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Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church is a welcoming community that values diversity. We strive to honour God, confessing Jesus is Lord, through various forms of praise and worship, thoughtful teaching, opportunities for spiritual growth, leadership development, compassionate outreach and service.

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