MWMC This Week – October 11, 2020

MWMC This Week – October 11, 2020

October 11, 2020

Welcome to Milliken Church!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are exceedingly grateful to Almighty God for his goodness and mercy upon us. We have much to be thankful for and so, we are careful to show our gratitude to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. As we gather together today, let us set aside time to offer praise for the blessings God has so richly given.





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Worship In Song
“Every Praise”
Time of Prayer
Special Music
“Give Thanks”
Hand Chimes Ensemble
Devotional Message
“Thankful Hearts in a Thankless World”
Pastor Aza
Song of Reflection
” Goodness of God”
Closing Prayer


Upcoming Speakers

Oct.18 – Pastor Pamela Bauer
Oct. 25 – Pastor Sule Prince
Nov. 1 – Rev. Dr. Eric Hallett




Christmas Shoeboxes Although we are in a pandemic, children around the world are in desperate need. We will once again be supporting Operation Christmas Child and donating shoeboxes which can be picked up at the Church office during the week or on Sundays, if you attend. The deadline for collection is Sun. November 15. Your help is appreciated.

COVID Changes We would like to offer a friendly reminder that face masks and signing in at the door is mandatory upon arrival for entry into the sanctuary. All attendees are expected to RSVP by Saturday at 5pm. Please call 905-475-3579 to reserve your place and leave a message with your full name and an active contact number where you can be reached. Should there be an incident reported, we must have names and phone numbers to inform you and to submit to health authorities. We do not want to turn anyone away, so please make your reservations in time. Your safety is important to us; we appreciate your consideration and cooperation.

Offering During COVID-19 If you would like to leave an offering for the church, there is an offering box located at the back of the sanctuary. You may also send your gift through our church website. Please visit and select GIVE. If you like to leave an offering in person, we have an administration team available Tuesday – Friday from 10:30am-1:30pm. If you choose to give a cash gift, please only submit during office hours indicated above. Please, do not leave cash donations in the mailbox for security reasons.

Thanksgiving Sunday Communion

Greetings, Milliken Church,

Due to the restrictions placed upon us with COVID-19, we have had to cease a number of activities that have been an integral part of this church for many years. However, there is one integral part of our church that we must continue in remembrance and thanksgiving of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, as he is the life blood of our church.

On Thanksgiving Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 9:30am, join us as we share the holy sacraments of Communion at Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church. For those who are unable to join us in person and to ensure we do our best to provide an environment with the highest safety measures, here are 3 ways you will be able to partake in the sacraments:

1) Communion at Milliken Church:
i) Those who plan to join us Thanksgiving Sunday will be provided their own individually pre-packaged elements through contactless distribution during the communion segment of service.
ii) You may also bring your own personal portions of sacrament to service, if you prefer.

2) Communion Via Facebook Live and YouTube:
For those joining our communion service from home via social media, we recommend you to do the following:
i) Prepare a consecrated space at home (i.e. Space on a table or desk with a table cloth or linens to host the sacraments).
ii) Prepare a portion of bread or cracker alongside a portion of dark-colored fruit juice (i.e. grape, cranberry, etc.).
iii) Have the sacraments prepared and ready for the communion segment of service shortly following the morning message.

3) Communion via Zoom
i) For those who do not have access to the internet, please join us on Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 9:30am.
ii) Prepare a consecrated space at home (i.e. Space on a table or desk with a table cloth or linens to host the sacraments).
iii) Prepare a portion of bread or cracker alongside a portion of dark-colored fruit juice (i.e. grape, cranberry etc.).
iv) Steps to join worship with Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church via Zoom by phone:
• Call: (1+) 647-558-0588
• Enter Meeting ID: 870 249 3380#
• For Participant ID: 0#
• For Passcode: 9054753579#
• Wait and you will be let in by us when we are ready
• Please do not call in before 9:00am

We look forward to sharing in this holy time of fellowship with you during this Thanksgiving season.

Pastor Aza Butcher

Scripture: Colossians 3:15-18
Sermon: “Thankful Hearts in a Thankless World”
Speaker: Rev. Aza Butcher

The Next Week at MWMC

Children’s Service Online

Sun Oct. 11  @ 11am


Thanksgiving Monday (Church Closed)

Sun Oct. 12  @ 11am


Time to Pray Online

Tue Oct. 12 @ 7:15pm


Hand Chimes

Wed Oct. 7 @ 5:00pm


Youth Outreach Online

Wed Oct. 7 @ 7:00pm


Sunday Service

Please RSVP by phone

Sun Oct. 11 @ 9:30am

Last Sunday Statistics

Virtual (Viewing) Attendance: 54
Church Attendance: 32
Offering (Online & Physical): $1905

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