MWMC This Week – July 5, 2020

MWMC This Week – July 5, 2020

July 5, 2020

Season of Pentecost

During this season the Church around the world praises God through the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. May you sense the Spirit of God lifting you as you worship today.

Gospel Invocation
John 17:14-17
Opening Hymn
“I Want A Principle Within”
Old Testament Reading
Genesis 3:1-8
Song of Response
“Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)”
Time of Prayer
New Testament Reading
1st Peter 5:6-11
Devotional Message
Time of Response
“All Your Anxieties”
Prayer of Commitment

Message From Your Local Board of Administration

Fellow Milliken brothers and sisters,

You are sincerely invited to join in a warm drive-by celebration of Pastor George, Linda and Gwendolyn so we can send them off with our love, appreciation, prayers and good wishes. As the current COVID19 crisis makes gathering together in one place very difficult, you are invited to drive by the front entrance of Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church between 10am and 12pm on Saturday, July 11, 2020 to offer Pastor George, Linda and Gwendolyn your heartfelt departing wishes from your vehicle as they appear in front of the Church entrance.

Feel free to bring any cards, gifts, notes or other expressions of your love and appreciation for them as we prayerfully send them forward to their new Church and mission in Missouri. Given the current COVID19 situation, the wearing of masks is kindly encouraged.

Please join in attending this collective and COVID19 friendly send-off of this wonderful family who has served God and the congregation faithfully at Milliken for 13 years. They will be dearly missed by all!

-Your Local Board of Administration, Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church

Time to Pray Our weekly, evening prayer ministry continues this Tuesday at 7:15pm. To receive the invitation link to the virtual prayer room, contact the Church Office, or e-mail Pastor Pryor.

Local Church Conference will take place this Wednesday at 7pm in the Sanctuary. All members are encouraged to participate, either in person or online! Those attending online are also invited to cast an advance ballot in our Leadership Election. Please call the Church Office to reserve a time when you may come to cast your ballot. Our Conference will celebrate all that God has done in the past year, and all He may yet do in the seasons to come.

Summer Saturday School has begun. But it is not too late to join! Enter our online class each Saturday morning at 10am. We are looking at how God interacted with some of the patriarchs and prophets – and how He also interacts with us! God chooses the lowly and insignificant to do wonderful things. He can do the same in us when we listen! Adults of all ages are wecomed to participate.

Virtual Vacation Bible School begins its online bi-weekly sessions today at 11am! Contact Pastor Cymone at one of our social media sites to learn more. Please pray for our children as they participate; that their faith and experience of God will be deepened and strengthened.

Next Sunday our short, Sunday Morning Devotional Services continue. Each gathering will be 45 minutes long, and has a maximum capacity of 75 attendees. Those who wish to attend must call in advance to reserve a space. Call the church office at 905-475-3579 during business hours, or 416-434-5082 on evenings to make this reservation. Adherence to physical distance and safety protocols remains very important. We also honour the choice of those who choose to stay home at this time. Sunday Morning Devotional Videos continue to be sent to those who do not RSVP to attend a gathered Sunday Devotional Service.


Scripture: 1st Peter 5:6-11
Sermon: “Restored?”

The Next Week at MWMC

VVBS (Session 1)
Sun July 5

Handchime Rehearsal
Mon July 6

Time to Pray Online
Tue July 7

Local Church Conference (Live & Online)
Wed July 8

Young Adult Fellowship
Fri July 10

Summer Saturday School Online
Sat July 11

Sunday Devotional Video
Sun July 5

Early Devotional Service (by RSVP only)
Sun July 12

Later Devotional Service (by RSVP only)
Sun July 12


Last Sunday Statistics

Virtual (Viewing) Attendance: 44
Offering (Online & Physical): $5,969

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