MWMC This Week – May 31, 2020

MWMC This Week – May 31, 2020

May 31, 2020

Pentecost Sunday

Today the Church around the world celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit, bringing help and power to all who call on Jesus in faith. God is present with us, granting healing, assurance and joy. May you experience His powerful presence as you worship Him today.

Prayer of Invocation
Hymn of Praise
“Spirit of Faith, Come Down”
Gospel Reading John 7:37-39
Songs of Praise
“Church on Fire”
“Holy Spirit”
Time of Prayer
New Testament Reading
1st Peter 3:8-22
Devotional Message
by Pastor Cymone Lee
Prayer of Commitment


Missionaries Ryan & Sarah Schmitz serve with Global Partners in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. They wrote this week with an update…

Dear Milliken Church Family,

We know you have suffered and many of you continue to suffer. We hear and read about it. And we ache with you, even from afar! Some of you have lost family members, coworkers or neighbours. We grieve with you. Some have lost jobs, businesses, retirement savings or soaring credit card debt. We grieve with you too. Many face increasing relationship strains and divisions because of social changes and government actions. We have grappled with many of the same losses and stresses. Regardless of how distant or close you have come into contact with the coronavirus, your lives have changed since our last newsletter.

During the past few months, our Nicaraguan friends have told us many things, like: “It is too hot in Nicaragua – the virus will die in the heat” or “We have strong faith here. Other countries are getting hit because they do not seek God” or even, “God will spare this country because it is poor. He knows we can not take much!” There are many rumours and great confusion.

At the same time, people we care about here are learning of deaths in their own neighbourhoods. They are devastated to see friends and loved ones now infected with the virus. This week, five of our twenty-two pastoral families have become sick, most in the city of Tipitapa. It is a growing hotspot for the virus. We are trying to alleviate suffering by providing gift baskets with common foods and cleaning products a typical family would need. So far we have purchased 22 of these and delivered them.

We appreciate the trust and generosity you have demonstrated to make this possible. Needs will continue to pop up and the best way we can respond is with donations from our Compassion Fund. From all that we’ve gathered, June could be a devastating month for Nicaragua. Pray for health and peace for us and the Nicaraguan people. We (and they) are also praying for you and your families.

Many blessings

– Ryan, Sarah, Micah, Eva, Abel & Esme Schmitz

Online Groups We are glad to continue offering online weekly meetings for children and youth at the times listed below. If you wish to join, contact one of the pastors or the church office.

Pentecost Prayer Event Tonight our General Church will host an online service: Together: An Online Pentecost Prayer Event. It will be broadcast live via and on Facebood and YouTube. Tune in and be inpired as many share.

Time to Pray Our weekly, evening prayer ministry continues this Tuesday at 7:15pm. To receive the invitation link to the virtual prayer room, contact the Church Office, or e-mail Pastor Pryor.

Prayer & Fasting Our church Leaders invite everyone to participate in a weekly time of fasting and prayer during the month of June. Every Thursday evening through Fridays at noon, please fast and pray from your home. Let us seek God’s intervention for the start of our new pastoral search. Thank you, in advance, for participating.


Scripture: 1st Peter 3:8-22
Sermon: “Come All You Who Are Thirsty For More”
Pastor Cymone Lee

The Next Week at MWMC

Children’s Church Online
Sun May 31

Together: Pentecost Prayer Event
Sun May 31

Handcime Rehearsal (Lower Section)
Mon June 1

Handchime Rehearsal (Treble Section)
Mon June 1

Time to Pray Online
Tue June 2

Reach Youth Online
Wed June 3

Church Board Meeting
Thr June 4

First Friday Prayer Vigil
Fri June 5

Trinity Sunday Worship Video
Sun June 7


Last Sunday Statistics

Virtual (Viewing) Attendance: 40
Offering (Online & Physical): $4,925

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