MWMC This Week – March 15, 2020

MWMC This Week – March 15, 2020

March 15, 2020


During this sacred season, the Church around the world meditates on the sacrifice Jesus made to reconcile the world to God. Draw close to Christ, seeking HIs power and transformation for your life as we worship this morning.

Call to Worship
“Give Us Clean Hands”
Music Worship Team
Responsive Invocation
drawn from Romans 5:12-19
Songs of Praise
“That’s Why We Praise Him”
“Your Grace Is Enough”
“Jesus, What a Beautiful Name”
Gospel Reading
Matthew 4:1-11
Hymn of Response #217
“Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley”
Time of Prayer
“Nothing Can Trouble”
Children’s Moment
Song of Response
“Gloria Patri”
Announcements & Offering Prayer
“We Fall Down”
Music Worship Team
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
Old Testament Reading
Psalm 51:1-12
Time of Response
“Create in Me a Clean Heart”
Closing Hymn #255
“Down at The Cross”
“Your Grace Is Enough”
Music Worship Team




Markham Pregnancy Centre

Mrs. Cheryl Lindquist serves as the new Executive Director of the local Crisis Pregnancy Centre. She wrote recently with an update on the work of this ministry…

Dear Milliken Church Friends,

Our word for 2020 is “opportunity”. We have the unique opportunity to meet people in their moments of crisis and panic, when it feels like everything is out of control, big questions have to be suddenly answered, and plans to move forward need to be formulated. We have the opportunity to come alongside our clients to share truth with love and to support our words with positive action. When we say, “We are with you,” we mean it!

Our unique services and programs support our clients as they move from crisis to thriving. Whether clients are here for Pregnancy Options Support, Abortion Recovery Care, Healthy Relationship Education, emotional support or any one of our on-going support programs, we have the opportunity to help them see that they are worthy and capable of moving forward in a positive direction.

This year has begun busier than usual, with a number of clients reaching out for support in difficult situations. We are blessed to be able to offer life-affirming options. Your support allows us to share this hope-filled future with them as individuals and as a community.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and encouragement. God bless you for all you do!


Midweek Lenten Worship Services continue this Wednesday at 9am and 7:15pm. These duplicate services will include Holy Communion and devotional words of guidance following our Lenten Series theme. Please attend and discover new words that you can speak to God in prayer.

Best Years Fellowship will meet this Tuesday morning (March 17th) 10:30am. Our guest speaker from the City of Markham will share with us on the subject of Emergency Preparedness; regarding both infectious disease and extreme weather. Bring a friend and a dish to share in our potluck lunch.

Time to Pray Classes Please note that the final sessions of this book study will take place on next Sunday, March 22nd (for the classroom group) and the following Thursday, March 26th (for the online group). We will cover the final four chapters of the book during these discussion times. Please speak with Susan Thomas today if you have additional questions.

Church Membership Renewal All members are encouraged to complete a membership renewal form and place it in the collection plate during the offering. Forms can be found at the Information Desk. Thank you for your renewed expression of love and commitment to the life of our fellowship.

Scripture: Psalm 51:1-12
Sermon: “Confession”
Speaker: Pastor Axel Kazadi

The Next Week at MWMC

Badminton Club
Mon Mar 16

Best Years Fellowship
Tue Mar 17

Line Dance Class
Tue Mar 17

Lenten Midweek Service
Wed March 18

Reach Youth
Wed March 18

Lenten Midweek Service
Wed Mar 18

Young Adult Fellowship
Fri Mar 20

Cantata Rehearsal
Sat Mar 21

Sunday School
Sun Mar 22

Fourth Sunday in Lent Worship
Sun Mar 22


Last Sunday Statistics

Attendance: 116
Offering Total: $4,659

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