MWMC This Week – March 8, 2020

MWMC This Week – March 8, 2020

March 8, 2020


During this sacred season, the Church around the world meditates on the sacrifice Jesus made to reconcile the world to God. Draw close to Christ, seeking HIs power and transformation for your life as we worship this morning.

Call to Worship
“Early in the Morning”
Milliken Church Choir
Responsive Invocation
drawn from John 4:7-24
Songs of Praise
“This Is Amazing Grace”
“I’m So Glad” “
“Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)”
New Testament Reading
Romans 5:1-11
Time of Prayer
“In His Time”
Children’s Moment
Song of Response
“Gloria Patri”
Announcements & Offering Prayer
“We Worship You”
Milliken Church Choir
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
Old Testament Reading
Joshua 5:13-15
“What Message…?”
Time of Response
Closing Hymn #477
“More About Jesus”
“I’m So Glad”
Music Worship Team





Rev. Peter Rigby (our former District Superintendent) now serves as our field director for our partner churches in Egypt. He wrote this week with an important update and appeal…

Dear Central Canada District Wesleyans,

A few years ago our churches in Egypt received a land grant from their federal government in the city of Badr (northeast of Cairo). This growing suburb has 129 industries, 350 new factories under construction, and 2 universities. New housing developments are bringing a large influx of people as well – especially young adults and young families. What a great place for a new, thriving and disciple-making Christian facility! This space being alloted to a Christian organization is unprecedented – a true miracle from the Lord.

For many years the Egyptian Superintendent of our churches has prayed and dreamed about opening a building that could be used to connect and equip people from across their country. Building on this land in Badr City has moved forward with donated labour and materials, plus financial contributions. But it continues to be hindered by a lack of full funding.

The immediate goal is now to close in the framed up building. This would allow for the electrical, water and sewer hook ups to be installed. The project currently stands in need of $100,000 to complete its construction. Superintendent Atif Sedholm and I now invite you to be part of this unprecedented opportunity. Will you give to ensure its completion?

God is at work in Egypt. Please take time to pray for this need. Ask God how He would like you (and your whole congregation) to respond, financially. Our generous God calls us to generous giving. Thank you.

– Rev. Peter Rigby, Egypt Field Director

Midweek Lenten Worship Services will continue this Wednesday at 9am and 7:15pm. These duplicate services will include Holy Communion and devotional words of guidance following our Lenten Series theme. Please plan to attend and discover new words that you can speak to God in prayer.

Best Years Fellowship will meet on Tuesday, March 17th at 10:30am. This month our guest speaker from the City of Markham will share with us on the subject of Emergency Preparedness; regarding both infectious disease and extreme weather. Bring a friend and a dish to share in our potluck lunch.

Time to Pray Classes Please note that the final sessions of this book study will take place on Sunday, March 22nd (for the classroom group) and Thursday, March 26th (for the online group). We will cover the final four chapters of the book during these discussion times. Please speak with Susan Thomas today if you have additional questions.

Toronto Zone Youth Event is being planned for the weekend of March 27th & 28th. We look forward to hosting Wesleyan youth from across the city who have been invited to attend. Speak with Pastor Axel to learn more or to learn how you can assist.

Scripture: Joshua 5:13-15

Sermon: “What message…?”

The Next Week at MWMC

Choir Rehearsal
Sun Mar 8

Hand Chimes Rehearsal
Mon Mar 9

Badminton Club
Mon Mar 9

Line Dance Class
Tue Mar 10

Lenten Midweek Service
Wed March 11

Reach Youth
Wed March 11

Lenten Midweek Service
Wed Mar 11

Sunday School
Sun Mar 15

Third Sunday in Lent Worship
Sun Mar 15


Last Sunday Statistics

Attendance: 113
Offering Total: $5,376

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