MWMC This Week – November 17, 2019

MWMC This Week – November 17, 2019

November 17, 2018

Season of Kingdomtide

During these weeks the Church around the world celebrates the coming of God’s kingdom on earth. The colour green on our altar reminds us that the Lord brings growth, health, and fullness of life to all who enter this kingdom. We pray that you will experience the fullness He offers as you worship with us today.

Call to Worship
“Early In the Morning”
Milliken Church Choir
Responsive Gospel Invocation
based in Luke 14:28-30
Songs of Praise
“Only a God Like You”
“Unstoppable God”
“You Are the One”
New Testament Reading
2nd Thessalonians 1:3-12
Hymn of Response #402
“O Jesus, I Have Promised”
Time of Prayer
“Lord, Be Glorified”
EPIC Moments
Song of Praise
“Gloria Patri”
Announcements & Offering Prayer
“God Is Gonna’ Finish”
Milliken Church Choir
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
Old Testament Reading
Nehemiah 6:15-7:3
Time of Response
Prayer of Commitment
Community Moment
“Unstoppable God”
Music Worship Team

Christmas Card Sale Gloria Pickersgill is now selling Christmas Cards as a fundraiser for the local Sickle Cell Association. Please stop at the table in the foyer to purchase cards and assist this organization.

Church Membership Class will be offered this Saturday, November 23rd at 10am. We will explore what Scripture and church history teach about being God’s People. Speak with Pastor Pryor to learn how you can participate.

Food For Thought Next Sunday (November 24th) our morning worship service will include a special emphasis on food! We invite you to bring your favourite snack to church! Really! Come hear what Scripture teaches about food for humans, as you enjoy your favourite snack food!

Christmas Banquet You are invited to purchase tickets for our annual Christmas dinner event scheduled for December 7th at 6:30pm. Ticket prices are $25 for adults and $10 for children ages 12 and under. The evening will include great food as well as entertainment.

Ryerson Universtiy

We recently received an update from Evangelist Jessica Barnett, who serves with Power to Change Ministries on the campus of Ryerson University…

Dear Milliken Church Family,

A few weeks ago we hosted our Fall Retreat. 139 students attended. The theme was “Welcome” and it included a number of non-Christians. I greeted two Iranian girls there who recently came to Canada and wanted to experience Canadian culture while attending Ryerson. Pray that every conversation we shared with these students will draw them closer to Jesus and the great good He offers them.

Our discipleship groups are now running regularly. Our group includes three co-leaders and 10 students. We are going through a book called Everyday Church. We pray that this group of believing students will grow in relationship and go on mission together! We also want them to boldly bring their non-Christian friends into our gatherings so that they will also experience God’s love and hope.

Finally, let me ask you to pray specifically for two girls I now counsel. Tiff struggles with God’s grace and forgiveness because of her ongoing battle with sin. Pray that the Lord will give her encouragement and grace to overcome temptation. Thea struggles with spiritual apathy. She wants to grow strong as a Christian but does not order her daily priorities to include God. Pray that desire for the Lord will increase in all areas of her life.

Thank you for remembering me – as well as these young people. It is not easy to grow in Christian faith when the environment around you remains against such expressions. But we are grateful for your ongoing partnership to help bring Christ to the young people here on our campus!

God bless you all.

– Jessica

Scripture: Nehemiah 6:15-7:3

Sermon:“Completed” by Pastor Cymone Lee

The Next Week at MWMC

Choir Rehearsal
Sun Nov 17

Church Board Meeting
Sun Nov 17

HandChime Rehearsal
Mon Nov 18

Badminton Club
Mon Nov 18

Tai Chi Group
Tue Nov 19

Mandarin Discipleship Group
Tue Nov 19

Line Dancing Class
Tue Nov 19

Reach Youth
Wed Nov 20

Hand Chime Rehearsal
Wed Nov 20

Language Exchange Class
Thr Nov 21

Ladies Bible Study (Evening Group)
Thr Nov 21

Stretch Class
Fri Nov 22

Church Membership Class
Sat Nov 23

Sunday School Classes
Sun Nov 24

Morning (Food For Thought) Worship Service
Sun Nov 24


Last Sunday Statistics

Attendance: 138
Offering Total: $5,122

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