MWMC This Week – June 16, 2019

MWMC This Week – June 16, 2019

June 16, 2018

Trinity Sunday

Today Christians around the world affirm what God has revealed about His true nature. God exists and works as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This confirms and models the life of Divine fellowship. May you sense God in His full and perfect nature as we worship today.

Call to Worship
“There Is None Like You”
Milliken Church Choir
Responsive Invocation
Opening Hymn #323
“Holy, Holy, Holy”
Songs of Praise
“Awesome God”
“Hallowed Be Thy Name”
Gospel Reading
John 16:12-15
Song of Response
“You’ve Been a Friend”
Time of Prayer
“Father, I Adore You”
Wesleyan Kids for Missions
Announcements & Offertory Prayer
“I’m Gonna Keep on Singin'”
Milliken Church Choir
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
New Testament Reading
Jude 11-21
“Men (& Other Natural Wonders)”
Prayer of Blessing for Fathers
Closing Song
“Good, Good Father”
“Awesome God”
Music Worship Team

Father’s Day Barbeque & Community Outreach will begin immediately following our Morning Worship Service today. Plan stay with us for some great food and fellowship with friends. Please also express greetings to the visitors God may send our way. Thank you.

Drop-In Badminton will begin tomorrow evening (June 17th) at 7pm. All are welcome to participate, regardless of experience or skill level. Speak with Phil Farrell today to learn more.

Midweek Missionary Meeting starts at 7:15pm this Wednesday here in the Fellowship Room. Join us for this great update from Missionary Ryan Schmitz who will share more about the great work his family is doing in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We will also take a collection to assist with the drilling of a water well for the Las Colinas School in their city.

The Annual District Worship Celebration Service will take place at Trenton Wesleyan Church this Friday evening at 7pm. We hope to take a group of interested Milliken Church people to this inspiring service. If you are interested, please speak with Pastor Pryor today.

Sierra Leone

Dear Milliken Church,

Last month, the Medical Assistance Program (M.A.P.), a pharmaceutical charity, agreed to supply us with $2-million dollars worth of medications and surgical supplies for Wesleyan-run medical facilities in Sierra Leone. We are connecting large portion of this to our Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital in the Sella Limba province. This amazing possibility was spearheaded by Missionary Nurse Carrie Jo Cain. M.A.P. agreed to sell us this incredible amount of supply for only $70,000.

So today I write to you -one of our most solid supporters of this ministry – to ask if you could give toward this amazing opportunity. Missionary Carrie Jo writes: “These supplies will allow us to continue to treat patients and also provide quality drugs which are often difficult to source. The new National Emergency Medical Service in Sierra Leone is providing free ambulance transport for clinics and hospitals, and this has increased the patient load at the Kamakwie Hospital. The staff there are struggling to keep up with their increased patient numbers.

While we are thrilled that more women are coming in for quality care, our challenge is to continue delivering it!” Thank you, in advance for making a gift to this great project. Your gift will give much glory to our Lord and, as you know, save many lives!

With hope,

Tanya Nace, Executive Director of World Hope Canada

Scripture: Jude 11-21
Sermon: “Men (& Other Natural Wonders)”

The Next Week at MWMC

Father’s Day Barbeque & Outreach
Sun June 16

HandChime Rehearsal
Mon June 17

Drop-In Badminton
Mon 17

Tai Chi Group
Tue June 18

Line Dance Class
Tue June 18

Traditional Chinese Dance Class
Wed June 19

Reach Youth
Wed June 19

Midweek Missionary Meeting
Wed June 19

Stretch Class
Fri June 21

District Worship Service (in Trenton)
Fri June 21

“Into the Light” Book Discussion
Sun June 23

Morning Worship Service
Sun June 23

Church Board Meeting
Sun June 23

Last Sunday Statistics

Attendance: 115
Offering Total: $2,525

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