MWMC This Week – June 9, 2019

MWMC This Week – June 9, 2019

June 9, 2018

Pentecost Sunday

Today Christians around the world celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. God continues to dwell with us; comforting, convincing, guiding and teaching. The Holy Spirit gives power to accomplish good in each person and in the world. The colour red on our altar table reminds us that we may also receive the Holy Spirit through our faith in Jesus. May you experience His joy as we worship today.

Call to Worship
“Come Holy Spirit”
Milliken Church Choir
Responsive Invocation
based on Acts 2:1-21
Opening Hymn (insert)
“Spirit of Faith Come Down”
Songs of Praise
“Every Time I Feel the Spirit”
“Rain Down”
“Holy Spirit”
Old Testament Reading
Number 23:27-24:9
Song of Response
Time of Prayer
“Spirit of the Living God”
EPIC Moments
Song of Response
“Gloria Patri”
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
Announcements & Offertory Prayer
“Except for Grace”
Milliken Church Choir
New Testament Reading
Jude 5-21
Pastor Axel Kazadi
Time of Response
“Spirit of the Living God”
Prayer of Commitment
Closing Hymn #148
“Where the Spirit of the Lord Is”
Choral Benediction
“Every Time I Feel the Spirit”
Music Worship Team

Wave Weekend the Toronto Zone Summer Youth event will take place this Friday (June 14th) at 7pm. Several youth groups have committed to attend. And all interested teens are encouraged to be here for this great time of worship, games, food and our annual trip to WonderJam at Canada’s Wonderland. Speak with Pastor Axel today to learn more.

Father’s Day Barbeque will take place next Sunday. Plan to remain after church as we give thanks for the men who have blessed our lives, in multiple ways. Bring a food dish to share. We will also host members of our community, sharing the love of God with them as part of the event.

Midweek Missionary Service On Wednesday, June 19th, we will host Missionary Ryan Schmitz as our special guest at 7:15pm. He comes to share about the amazing work their family is leading in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Please plan to attend this inspiring time. We will also take a collection to assist with the drilling of a water well for the Las Colinas School in Matagalpa.

The Annual District Worship Celebration Service will take place at Trenton Wesleyan Church on Friday evening, June 21st. We hope to take a group of interested Milliken Church people to this inspiring service. If you are interested, please speak with Pastor Pryor today.

Toronto, Ontario

Revs. David & Olivia Phillips continue to build relationships for the start of the Waypoint Wesleyan Church plant in the Bloorview Village neighborhood of Toronto. This week they sent another update…

Dear Milliken Church Family,

Thank you for keeping such close tabs on our ministry efforts here in the city. We are currently making plans for the birth of our first child. Baby is due in less than two months, and there is so much to think about as we prepare for this life change.

Last month we hosted our very first – in person – Bible study. Only one lady came, but she believes her two children will be interested to join the next sessions. We are also grateful that both of us now have full-time jobs and can use our income to prepare for the future. Please pray for us in light of all these developments.

We long for people to see that Jesus is the One who gives real purpose and joy in life. The work of His Spirit in their hearts is the key to every spiritual good God wants to make! And we are honored to be part of that process. Thank you all for your encouragement and support.

God bless you and your ministry this summer!

– David & Olivia Phillips

Scripture: Jude 5-12
Sermon: “Reviling”
Pastor Axel Kazadi

The Next Week at MWMC

Choir Rehearsal
Sun June 9

HandChime Rehearsal
Mon June 10

Tai Chi Group
Tue June 11

Line Dance Class
Tue June 11

Traditional Chinese Dance Class
Wed June 12

Reach Youth
Wed June 12

Stretch Class
Fri June 14

Wave Weekend Zone Youth Event
Fri June 14

WonderJam Youth Festival
Sat June 15

“Into the Light” Book Discussion
Sun June 16

Trinity Sunday Worship
Sun June 16

Fathers’ Day Barbeque
Sun June 16

Last Sunday Statistics

Attendance: 127
Offering Total: $6,870

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