MWMC This Week – January 27, 2019

MWMC This Week – January 27, 2019

January 27, 2018


God has appeared to us in Jesus! The Church around the world celebrates the God “whom we have seen, whom our hands have touched.” May you experience the presence of Jesus today as we worship.

Call to Worship
“Shine Jesus, Shine”
Music Worship Team
Responsive Invocation
based on Psalm 19:1-6
Opening Hymn #685
“In Christ There is No East or West”
Songs of Praise
“Famous One”
“When You Walk Into the Room”
Gospel Reading
Luke 4:14-21
Time of Prayer
“You Alone”
EPIC Moments
Song of Response
“Gloria Patri”
Time of Greeting
Announcements & Offering Prayer
Music Worship Team
New Testament Reading
1st Corinthians 12:12-31
Song of Response
“Make Us One”
Sacrament of Holy Communion
Song During Communion
“One Bread, One Body”
Closing Hymn (insert)
“We All Are One in Mission”
“Only King Forever”
Music Worship Team

Reading Music Class Tomorrow will begin the next six weekly sessions of this class open to anyone who wants to learn how to read and share the joy of music. Speak with Pastor Pryor or Pastor Cymone if you are interested to participate. Each Monday afternoon session will begin at 1pm in the Fellowship Room.

Time to Pray Each Wednesday evening we gather to pray for the needs of the congregation and community. If you have a request or praise that we can remember, please write it on one of the Information Cards in the pew rack in front of you. Place the completed form in the small church-shaped box on the front, right corner of the platform. All requests will be remembered.

Stretch Class is a new outreach ministry that began earlier this month. It takes place at 10am each Friday in the Fellowship Room. Participants engage in stretching exercises that increase flexibility and strengthen muscles for good health. Speak with Pastor Cymone to learn how you participate to stay fit, even during the cold months of winter!

First Friday Prayer Vigil Stop at the back Sanctuary table today and sign up for a time when you will pray for the several new church plants across Ontario. A prayer slip with updates on what to pray for each new congregation is available to guide you there.

Intersection Class Next Sunday morning at 9:30am, we will host the next session of this inspiring training class. This session will feature Pastor Johnson Hsu. Brother Hsu will describe how he shares the love of Jesus with others. He will also talk about creative ways to express God’s love and blessing with friends of Chinese heritage during their soon-to-come New Year celebration. Plan now to attend.

Toronto, Ontario

Revs. David & Olivia Phillips continue to build relationships in the Bloorview Village neighborhood of Toronto, as they seek to plant a new Wesleyan Church here in the city. This week they sent an update…

Dear Milliken Church Friends,

Thank you for your ongoing prayers, interest and support. We are so grateful that the Lord helped us to reach our goals for 2018. During the past year we (a) moved to Toronto, (b) found housing and employment in the neighborhood where we seek to minister, and (c) have established several relationships with people who are spiritually confused but open to the hope that we have come to share.

Today we will ask you to pray for two of these new “seeking” friends. The first is a young woman who deeply wants to connect with the church and her own spirituality. But she struggles with this because of her ideas about human sexuality and identity. Pray that she will feel the love Jesus offers and seek Him above all the other ideals she holds dear.

The second person we request prayer for is a new immigrant who comes from a family that holds to three different religions. She has tried to honor all of these by dabbling and practicing elements of all three. But she remains confused about where to find God’s guidance. Pray that she will hear and want to learn more about Jesus.

We are gladly speaking about Jesus’ power and life-giving words everywhere we turn. And we know that your prayers can help both of these young women accept the Spirit’s leading them closer to the Living God. We are also praying for your church family! May God bless you in many ways in 2019.

In the Love of Christ, Olivia & David


Scripture: 1st Corinthians 12:12-31
Speaker: Pastor Pryor

The Next Week at MWMC

Youth Fellowship
Sun Jan 27

Hand Chime Rehearsal
Mon Jan 28

Reading Music Class
Mon Jan 28

Tai Chi Class for Beginners
Tue Jan 29

Line Dance Class
Tue Jan 29

Reach Youth
Wed Jan 30

Hand Chime Rehearsal
Wed Jan 30

Time to Pray
Wed Jan 30

Stretch Group
Fri Feb 1

Intersect Class (Session 2)
Sun Feb 3

Sunday School
Sun Feb 3

Morning Worship Service
Sun Feb 3

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