MWMC This Week – November 4, 2018

MWMC This Week – November 4, 2018

November 8, 2018

Season of Kingdomtide

During these weeks the Church around the world seeks God’s glory and powerful presence to renew the earth. The colour green on our altar table reminds us that Christ’s Kingdom continues to grow. We pray that you will choose to enter His blessed Kingdom as you worship with us.

Call to Worship
“We Are”
Music Worship Team
Responsive Invocation
Psalm 9:1-10
Songs of Praise
“Bless That Wonderful Name”
“Your Name”
“Lion & the Lamb”
New Testament Reading
Acts 26:12-23
Time of Prayer #227
“There’s Something About That Name”
E.P.I.C. Moments
Genesis 46 & 47
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
Announcements & Offering Prayer
“Tell the World”
Music Worship Team
Gospel Reading
John 1:19-34
Prayer of Commitment #649
“Where Has All the Witness Gone?”
Song of Response
Closing Hymn (insert)
“Go, Make of All Disciples”
Postlude #652
“Get All Excited”
Music Worship Team

Thank You to everyone who assisted with the Halloween Supercharged Event last Wednesday evening. We estimate that well over 250 people passed through the building for the activities and fun. Let us pray that this will continue to open doors for the Gospel in our neighbourhood.

Youth Room Remodeling Project Can you help us financially with this important ministry project? We invite you to take one of the giving tabs (found on the poster outside the Youth Room door) in an envelope with your donation. Place this gift in the offering and you will be part of the remodeling work! Thank you for your generosity toward this great project.

Chinese Culture: An Introductory Workshop will take place this Saturday morning, November 10th at 10am. Johnson Hsu of International Student Ministries Canada will lead this interesting presentation. All who attend are also invited to join us at a local Chinese restaurant following the seminar at noon. Speak with Pastor Cymone to learn more.

Christmas Banquet Tickets are now on sale in the foyer. Please join us and bring a friend to this evening of celebration and great food.

Christmas Cards can now be ordered for purchase from Gloria Pickersgill. Choose your favourite scene and order them in packages of 5 (with envelopes) for $10. Thank you for your support in this fundraising project.

Centennial Armistice Day Next Sunday in worship we will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. We encourage you to invite any family member or friend who has served in the armed forces. Our time of remembering will include sacred words of gratitude and hope in God for abiding peace.

Toronto, Ontario

Revs. David & Olivia Phillips are building relationships with residents in the Bloordale Village neighborhood of Toronto. They wrote this week with an exciting update…

Dear Milliken Church Friends,

Last Saturday we hosted our first “event” for friends and neighbours. It started at 11am and continued until 7pm. Everyone was very impressed. Those who came asked us to do more events in the future. More importantly, everyone at the event is following us on Twitch, where we are leading Bible studies, as well as following our other social media platforms. We were also able to enter into conversations about faith with four different people. Each conversation lasted about an hour.

Afterwards, we were invited to go to dinner with the players and asked to connect and meet up with them in November. This is a huge first step! We have filled the role of creating a “community” that we wanted. People are embracing and interested in the fact that Waypoint is a church for gamers. While all are still quite a ways from knowing Christ, the fact that they are following us on social media, and want to connect more is huge in the gamer community – which is normally skeptical of any church.

We will be following up with people later this week and inviting them to an on-location Bible study in November and December. In the meantime, they will track with us on Twitch for our online Bible study. Thank you for your interest, prayers and support.

– Dave & Olivia


Scripture: John 1:19-34
Title: “Testify”
Speaker: Pastor Pryor

The Next Week at MWMC

Choir Rehearsal
Sun Nov 4

Family Movie Event
Sun Nov 4

Sunrise Nursing Home Service
Sun Nov 4

Intermediate HandChimes Rehearsal
Mon Nov 5

Tai Chi Group
Tue Nov 6

Fall Line Dance Class for Beginners
Tue Nov 6

Ladies Fall Bible Study
Tue Nov 6

Reach Youth
Wed Nov 7

Time to Pray Group
Wed Nov 7

Intro to Chinese Culture Seminar
Sat Nov 10

Sunday School Classes
Sun Nov 11

Morning Worship Service & Armistice Remembrance
Sun Nov 11

Service of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Sun Nov 11

Mid-Year Local Church Conference
Wed Nov 14

Johnston Sisters Memorial Foundation Annual Meeting
Wed Nov 14

Last Sunday Statistics

Attendance: 130
Offering Total: $6,445

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