MWMC This Week – September 2, 2018

MWMC This Week – September 2, 2018

September 2, 2018


During these weeks the Church around the world seeks God’s glory and powerful presence to renew the earth. The color green on our altar table reminds us that Christ’s Kingdom continues to grow. We pray that you will choose to enter His blessed Kingdom as you worship with us.

Call to Worship
“Everything Glorious”
Music Worship Team
Responsive Invocation
based on Genesis 1
Opening Hymn #338
“We Sing the Greatness of Our God”
Songs of Praise
“Ah, Lord God”
“God of Wonders”
Gospel Reading
John 1:1-14
Hymn of Response #5
“Morning Has Broken”
Children’s Moment
Offering Prayer & Offertory
“Unstoppable God”
Music Worship Team
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
Old Testament Reading
Jeremiah 32
Thunder Bay Mission Report
Time of Prayer
“In His Time”
“Unstoppable God”
Music Worship Team

Upper Room & Light From the Word The new issues of these two daily devotionals can be picked up from the back Sanctuary table. One per household please. This allows others to benefit as well.

First Friday Prayer Vigil will take place this Friday. To participate, please take a prayer slip from the back Sanctuary table and write your name on the 30-minute period during which you can pray for the several church plants across our region.

Sunday School Classes will begin next Sunday morning at 9:30am. Classes for children, youth and adults are all available. Please speak with Superintendent Lance Alcindor today to learn more. Secret Sisters Ministry is preparing to start another year of encouragement. If you would like to sign up for this program, please pick up an entry slip from the Information Desk. Fill it out and return it to Joanne Lefebvre within the next two weeks. Names will be assigned before the end of the month. Speak with Joanne to learn more.

Ladies Fall Bible Study will begin soon. Please see the table in the foyer to learn more about this season’s study. There will be a Tuesday evening group for those who work days, and a Thursday morning group for those who do not.

A Fall Colours Bus Day-Trip has been scheduled for Monday, October 15th. The cost is $95 per person. You may reserve your seat by signing up and paying a $40 deposit, beginning today.

Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Missionaries Ryan & Sarah Schmitz serve with Global Partners in Nicaragua. They wrote this week with an update…

Dear Friends, We are back in Nicaragua – and it has changed. Over 23,000 Nicaraguans have left the country, many pouring over the border into Costa Rica. Human rights groups, protesters and even international peace workers have been forced out. A number of government officials have been sanctioned with the Magnitsky Act for human rights abuses. Even 240 doctors who worked at public hospitals and treated injured protesters have been fired. Repression has been swift and strong across the land, and the future of the country remains uncertain.

However, we have returned from Honduras, and found that there are no more road blocks or squatters, or mobs roaming the streets or roads. We have had to postpone many of our scheduled mission teams as travel is now greatly limited. But we are staying vigilant, cautious, and careful about when we move about. It has not been easy but we want to live here and serve as long as possible. Both of our Christian schools here are open again. Children are being fed, encouraged and taught the truth about Jesus. We know that the Lord is using all of the incredible staff at the school as beacons of safety and hope for these children. Please pray for them.

Ministering to and living among people that continue to face human rights abuses and grave fear for their safety takes a tremendous toll. Crying with people who have had family members taken is painful and filled with anguish. Heading to work and encountering paramilitaries takes courage. Knowing what words to use and when to express (or not express) opinions takes caution and attention. Pray that our spirits will also be encouraged as we press forward.

Thank you so much for persevering with us and continuing to support us.

Many blessings,

Ryan, Sarah, Micah, Eva, Abel & Esme Schmitz

Scripture: Jeremiah 32
Title: “Investment”
Speaker: Pastor Pryor

The Next Week at MWMC

Hand Chime Ensemble
Mon Sept 3

Music Reading Class
Mon Sept 3

Tai Chi Group
Tue Sept 4

Reach Youth
Wed Sept 5

Time to Pray
Wed Sept 5

Confirmation Students & Parents Meeting
Wed Sept 5

First Friday Prayer Vigil
Fri Sept 7

Sunday School Classes
Sun Sept 9

Morning Worship
Sun Sept 9

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Attendance: 107
Offering Total: $5,739

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