MWMC This Week – March 11, 2018

MWMC This Week – March 11, 2018

March 11, 2018


During this sacred season, the Church around the world meditates on the sacrifice Jesus made to reconcile the world to God. Draw close to Christ, seeking His power and transformation for your life as we worship this morning.

Call to Worship
“Mighty Is Our God”
Music Worship Team
Responsive Invocation
based on Romans 10:1-13
Songs of Praise
“Hallowed Be Thy Name”
“Bless That Wonderful Name”
“Revelation Song”
Old Testament Reading
Psalm 69:1-15
Hymn of Response #653
“He Lifted Me”
Children’s Moment
“I Love You, Lord”
Robert Hughes & Axel Kazadi
Time of Greeting
Gospel Reading
John 18:28-38
SIMON the Zealot”
Song of Response
“You Are My King”
Time of Prayer
Closing Hymn #82
“Victory in Jesus”
“Victory Is Mine”

Stratford, Ontario

Pastor Mark Parker serves as the pastor the Spotlight Wesleyan Church plant in Stratford. He recently wrote with an update on the revitalizing work they are doing…

Dear Milliken Church Friends, These are exciting days here at Spotlight. Recently it was my privilege to share the vision that God has impressed on Spotlight Church here in Stratford. We have hit the reset button and believe we have only just begun to reach this city and region for Jesus Christ! Some of our dreams include reaching 1/10th of the city’s people with the Gospel, and building a 15-acre campus where we gather to grow and then scatter to serve.

We want to be a multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic place where non-charismatic and lively charismatic worship happens in unity. We want to become a congregation of 500 fully-committed members who love, learn laugh and serve in harmony. We hope to launch five daughter congregations in the surrounding villages and communities. And these are just a few of our bold ideas for the Kingdom! This dream is way bigger than we are, but not bigger than our God!

We have just moved into a slightly larger office space in the United Way building here in our town. We are also having our church website rebuilt. Maybe it will be ready for your visit when you are reading this update! Come and see it at Thank you for your continuing prayers and partnership. May the Gospel of Jesus spread through you too!

– Enjoying the Journey,

Pastor Mark Parker

Today we welcome Ms. Cymone Lee as our guest speaker. Ms. Lee serves with the Centre for Mentorship & Theological Reflection based at Tyndale Theological Seminary. In this ministry, she encourages mentorship as a vital part of Christian spiritual growth. Cymone’s passion for worship, prayer, and discipleship have given her opportunity to minister in many different settings both inside and outside the church.

Close to Christ is the theme for our Thursday Lenten Worship Services taking place 9am and 7:15pm. Join us in these meaningful times of worship, sharing, prayer and holy communion.

Best Years Fellowship will hold their next session on March 20th at 10:30am. This month’s special presenter will be Noor Ratansi-Iamurri from the Canadian Hearing Society. Plan to bring a friend and share in the lunch that follows the meeting.

Multi-Church Movie Night On Friday, March 23rd, we will host a special screening of Adam’s Testament, a full-length, feature film that reflects Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son. This spiritual-warfare themed movie will include a special Q&A with two of the actors who will attend our screening! This film is recommended for persons ages 12 and older, as it includes frightening scenes. Our showing will be free, but free-will donations will be accepted.

The Next Week at MWMC

Church Board Meeting
Sun Mar 11

HandChime Ensemble
Mon Mar 12

Nominating Committee Meeting
Mon Mar 12

Tai Chi for Beginners
Tue Mar 13

Reach Youth
Wed Mar 14

Morning Lenten Worship
Thr Mar 15

Evening Lenten Worship
Thr Mar 15

Sunday School
Sun Mar 18

Lenten Morning Worship
Sun Mar 18

Vital Statistics

Attendance: 140
Offering Total: $4,597

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Milliken Church is part of The Wesleyan Church; an evangelical, holiness group within the Methodist Christian family of denominations. To learn more, visit our website or speak with our pastor.

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Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church is a welcoming community that values diversity. We strive to honour God, confessing Jesus is Lord, through various forms of praise and worship, thoughtful teaching, opportunities for spiritual growth, leadership development, compassionate outreach and service.

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