MWMC This Week – December 1, 2017

MWMC This Week – December 1, 2017

December 1, 2017


Christ is coming! The color blue on our altar table signals us to “look up” (to the sky) for our redemption draws near. We long to be ready for His appearing and share in the joy He promises His people. We pray that you will sense Jesus’ joy-giving presence as we worship Him today.

Call to Worship
“My God is Awesome”
Responsive Invocation
Songs of Praise
“Open Up the Heavens”
“Ancient of Days”
“He Will Rule the World”
Advent Candle Lighting
The Dukhilall Family
Hymn of Response #314
“What a Day That Will Be”
Children’s Moment
“O Little Town of Bethlehem”
Time of Greeting
Old Testament Reading
Psalm 72
“A Future Hope”
Song of Response
“Wait for the Lord”
Time of Prayer
Closing Hymn (insert)
“People, Look East”
“Ancient of Days”

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Pastor Nathan Maskery of Transformation Church (our church plant in Thunder Bay) has written an update on the ministry there…

Dear Milliken Church Family,

It is very exciting to report that the first five weeks of our Sunday services have been blessed of God! Launch day (on October 22nd) exceeded our expectations when 86 people came to celebrate with us. We have continued to see over 40 persons come and worship with us every week since! Our team had a blast ripping up the “to do” list of projects that we created before our weekly ministry began. It was a moment of victory and joy as we celebrated how God brought in all the help we needed to get the job done. He is faithful!

We have also launched a Thursday night Alpha group in November. This eight-week course is for those who are seeking and questioning what they believe. We were unsure how we would pull it off since Alpha requires a full meal before each meeting to create a sense of community and oneness. We have been overwhelmed as people have volunteered each week to cool a full meal for everyone who comes. Cooking a meal is a big deal since we have not had a week with less than 20 people. Last week was our biggest night with 30 in attendance! The topic of discussion was: “Why did Jesus have to die?” There was a strong sense of God’s presence as this room full of people watched the short but powerful video and had in depth discussion afterward. God is on the move in this neighborhood!

Please keep us in your prayers as we endeavor to keep running the race the Lord Jesus as set before us!

In Christ,

Pastor Nathan

Sunrise Nursing Home Service will take place this afternoon at 1:30 pm. Speak with Chris Lai today if you would like to participate. New attendees are always wanted and welcomed. Share the joy of the season with the residents we serve.

The Candy Cane Run will take place tomorrow evening at 7 pm. We invite you to join our welcoming crew as we share Christmas greetings and gifts to our neighbors at Hagerman Corners Community Housing. Speak with Chris Lai today to learn how you can participate. Several volunteers are needed!

Choir Christmas Cantata will be shared next Sunday morning in our worship service. Please bring a friend to share in this time of inspiring and joyful music. This is a perfect opportunity to welcome someone who has never heard the Good News of Jesus!

Children’s Christmas Party will take place here at the church on the afternoon of Saturday, December 16th. All children ages 3 through 11 are invited to participate as we share food, games, and lots of fun.

Light From the Word The winter issue of this daily devotional has arrived. You may pick up a copy from the back Sanctuary table. One per household please, this allows others to benefit as well. Thank you.

The Next Week at MWMC

Choir Rehearsal
Sun Dec 3

Sunrise Nursing Home Service
Sun Dec 3

Music Reading Class
Mon Dec 4

Candy Cane Run (to HCCH)
Mon Dec 4

Tai Chi for Beginners
Tue Dec 5

Reach Youth
Wed Dec 6

Time to Pray
Wed Dec 6

Cantata Rehearsal
Sat Dec 9

Advent Morning Worship & Choir Cantata
Sun Dec 10

Vital Statistics

Attendance: 147
Offering Total: $6,105

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