MWMC This Week – November 19, 2017

MWMC This Week – November 19, 2017

November 19, 2017

Season of Kingdomtide

During these weeks the Church around the world seeks God’s glory and powerful presence to renew the earth. The color green on our altar table reminds us that Christ’s Kingdom continues to grow. We pray that you will choose to enter His blessing Kingdom as we worship Him together.

Call to Worship
“We Have Come Into His House”
Responsive Invocation
Opening Hymn
“Commit Thou All Thy Griefs” (see insert)
Songs of Praise
“You’re Worthy of My Praise”
“Hallowed Be Thy Name”
“Trust In You”
Gospel Reading
John 6:16-24
Musical Response
“Ride Out Your Storm”
Sonja Hurlock, Soloist
Children’s Moment
“Blessed Assurance”
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
Old Testament Reading
Psalm 73
“Drawing Near”
Pastor Pryor
Song of Response
“God is the Strength of My Life”
Time of Prayer
Closing Hymn #595
“Lead On, O King Eternal”
Choral Benediction
“You’re Worthy of My Praise”


Missionaries Ryan & Sarah Schmitz serve with Global Partners in Nicaragua. They recently wrote with an update on the work…

Dear Milliken Church, The past month has included some encouraging days. Ryan attended a conference in Bogota, Columbia with leaders from many Latin American nations. They are equipping and praying for more Latino brothers and sisters to be sent out as missionaries. What a beautiful expression of the church at work!

Also this month we hosted a mission team from Ohio. They helped with some construction projects in one of our churches, and some educational events with a local school. Great relationships were built and both the host church and the mission team were of encouragement to each other. We are incredibly encouraged and blessed by you, our wonderful support team!

This month, through your generosity and fervent prayers, the last of our churches that only had dirt floors now have concrete floors. Two churches that serve their communities by cooking nutritious meals from scratch for children, now have economic stoves, safe water storage, and sturdy pots and pans. Also, two new plots of land have been purchased for growing church plants. There is so much to celebrate.

Please pray about coming to visit us again! We would love to host another mission team from your church! Many blessings from the land of lakes and volcanoes!

Ryan, Sarah, Micah, Eva, Abel & Esme

Discipleship Cruise Next May our denomination invites all interested persons to join them on a ship that will stop in Cuba and the Bahamas. See the flyer on the back Sanctuary table to learn more about this unique opportunity for a spiritually enriching vacation.

Best Years Fellowship will meet this Tuesday at 10:30am. Join us for this special Holiday Music session of our monthly gathering. We will also share our monthly potluck lunch.

Men’s Breakfast will host their monthly session this Saturday at 8:30am. Join us for great food and learning as we consider God’s work through the Davidic kings.

The Johnston Sisters Memorial Foundation will hold its first annual meeting on Wednesday, November 29th at 7:15pm. All members of Milliken Church are urged to participate. This meeting will include elements of our Mid-Year Local Church Conference. More information about the meeting is available at the back Sanctuary table.

The Annual Christmas Banquet will take place on Saturday, December 2nd. Visit the table in the foyer to learn more or to purchase your tickets today.

The Next Week at MWMC

 Choir Rehearsal
Sun Nov 19

Music Reading Class
Mon Nov 13

Church Board Meeting
Mon Nov 20

Best Years Fellowship
Tue Nov 21

Tai Chi for Beginners
Tue Nov 21

Ladies Fall Bible Study
Tue Nov 21

Reach Youth
Wed Nov 22

Time to Pray
Wed Nov 22

Men’s Breakfast
Sat Nov 25

Sunday School
Sun Nov 26

Morning Worship Service
Sun Nov 26



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Attendance: 135
Offering Total: $3,546

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