MWMC This Week – October 1, 2017

MWMC This Week – October 1, 2017

October 1, 2017

Fridge Calendar

Season of Kingdomtide

During these weeks the Church around the world seeks God’s glory and powerful presence to renew the earth. The colour green on our altar table reminds us that Christ’s Kingdom continues to grow. We pray that you will choose to enter His blessing Kingdom as we worship Him together.

Call to Worship
“Let Everything That Has Breath Praise the Lord”
Responsive Invocation
from Matthew 4:1-4
Opening Hymn #30
“Break Thou the Bread of Life”
Songs of Praise
“Only a God Like You”
“Hallowed Be Thy Name”
“Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)”
New Testament Reading
Romans 2:5-16
Song of Response
“Thy Word”
Time of Prayer
“I Love You Lord, Today”
Children’s Moment
“Knowing You”
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
Old Testament Reading
Psalm 1
“Blessed Ones”
Pastor Pryor
Sharing in Communion
Gathering Song
“Nothing Can Trouble”
Prayer of Commitment
Closing Hymn #370
“O God Our Help”
“Let Every Thing That Has Breath Praise the Lord”

Stratford, Ontario

Two months ago Rev. Mark & Helen Parker moved to Stratford to take up leadership of the Spotlight Wesleyan Church Plant. This week he wrote the following update.

Dear Milliken Church,

thank you for support and continuing prayers for Spotlight Church. When we accepted the call to come here, numbers and morale were very low. We have now cast a new vision for going forward and taking responsibility one tenth of this city’s population. (That’s 3,200 of the total population of 32,000.) Our vision for this community is bold, audacious, and clearly dependent on God moving!

Our first major hurdle was to pay off the church’s $10,000 debt that had accumulated during the late winter and spring months. Several fellow Wesleyan churches and individuals friends responded to this need. They gave over $13,000 to help us get over that barrier. Praise the Lord! This was incredible and very encouraging for everyone here.

Now our Sunday attendance has jumped from 15 to about 30. We are planning two direct mailings during the next few months and are praying for more great things as the Fall and Christmas approach. Thank you for remembering us.

May God bless you as you also reach out to your community!

Rev. Mark Parker

Disaster Relief Giving Our connections in two devastated Caribbean islands now gives us the opportunity to bless them both directly. (1) Financial donations to the disaster recovery work in Cuba can be given in our offering today. Mark your envelope “Cuba” to provide emergency supplies. (2) Non-perishable food and personal care items are also being collected for packing and shipment to Dominica. These can be placed in the large blue bin under the back Sanctuary table. Every donation will be processed quickly to benefit people in great need. Thank you.

Sunrise Nursing Home Service will take place today at 1:30pm. We invite you to join our ministry. Speak with Chris Lai immediately following the worship service today. New participants are always welcomed.

First Friday Prayer Vigil Take up a prayer slip from the back Sanctuary table and pray for our several church plants across Ontario this Friday. Sign up for a 30-minute time frame when you will pray, from wherever you wish. Thank you!

Men’s Breakfast will begin their monthly meeting this Saturday at 8:30am. Join us as we take in great food for the body and soul. We will also share in lessons for men, from the lives of the Davidic kings.

Leading in Reading all persons interested in learning how to read Scripture and announcements in our Morning Worship Service are invited to attend this special one-time class taking place next Sunday morning at 9:30am. Gain insights and confidence so that you can confidently share and assist in our worship services. Speak with Pastor Pryor to learn more.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Hagerman Corners will be served on Monday, October 9th at 5pm. Speak with Pat Pitre today if you are interested to help prepare and donate food for this community outreach. Dinner attendees from Milliken Church are also wanted to attend the dinner and visit with the residents.

The Next Week at MWMC


Choir Rehearsal
Sun Oct 1

Sunrise Nursing Home Service
Sun Oct 1

Tai Chi for Beginners
Tue Oct 3

Reach Youth
Wed Oct 4

Time to Pray
Wed Oct 4

First Friday Prayer Vigil
Fri Oct 6

Men’s Breakfast
Sat Oct 7

Cantata Rehearsal
Sat Oct 7

Sunday School Sun
Sun Oct 8

Morning Worship
Oct 8

Vital Statistics

Attendance: 130
Offering Total: $5,729

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