MWMC This Week – September 24, 2017

MWMC This Week – September 24, 2017

September 24, 2017

Season of Kingdomtide

During these weeks the Church around the world seeks God’s glory and powerful presence to renew the earth. The colour green on our altar table reminds us that Christ’s Kingdom continues to grow. We pray that you will choose to enter His blessing Kingdom as we worship Him together.

Call to Worship
“God Will Make a Way”
Responsive Invocation
A Prayer of St Theresa of Avila
Opening Hymn #100
Songs of Praise
“Our God”
“My Life Is In You, Lord”
“Love Came Down”
Old Testament Reading
Exodus 16:4-18
Song of Response
“Good Good Father”
Time of Prayer
“He Is Here”
Children’s Moment
“If God”
Aggrey King, Tenor
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
Gospel Reading
Matthew 19:27-20:16
Pastor Pryor
Song of Preparation
“Speak Through Me”
Service of Holy Communion
Communion Song
“Come Share the Lord”
Prayer of Commitment
Closing Hymn #462
“Living for Jesus”
“My Life Is In You, Lord”

Czech Republic


Missionaries Luke & Megan Adams serve as Global Partners workers in the Czech Republic. They recently wrote to share an update…

Hey All, lots of things are going on here at Remedy (the Czech congregation here in Podebrady). Our sons have started going to their first local preschool. They are adapting quickly and Megan now has much more time to develop a kid’s program and curriculum for a new “Family Program” for families with children. This will be a new ministry of our church. Please pray for her as she works on this.

We also had the privilege recently of attending a training workshop for all Wesleyan Missionaries serving in Europe. We were trained in the “3 Circles” method of sharing the Gospel with non-believers. It is an amazing took and we are excited about using it with both friends and strangers.

Also, Misa, the girl who accepted Christ at our summer camp has been doing very well. She is studying the word in a group with some other Czech believers here. This is what the mission is all about! Hurray! Please pray for all of the programs here at Remedy as they start up again this month.

Many blessings to you all!

Luke & Megan Adams

Fall Ladies Bible Study begins this week. Sign up now to join our Tuesday evening group or our Thursday morning group. This season’s study is titled: “Chase” It will explore how David (in the Scripture) was one who chased after the Lord with all of his heart. How do we become persons who chase after God too? Join us as we look into this for the next eight weeks.

District Missions Convention begins this Friday evening at 7pm. It will be hosted at the Roblin Wesleyan Church and costs only $30 per person. This excellent event will include helpful missions workshops, reports from our partner fields, and two inspiring plenary sessions led by Dr. Dennis Jackson. Speak with Pastor Pryor today to learn how you can register and attend!

Time to Pray continues to gather each Wednesday evening at 7pm. If you have a Prayer Request to share please place it in the church-shaped prayer box on the far right corner of the platform.

Thanksgiving Cards are now available from Sister Gloria Pickersgill. Speak with her today if you are interested one or a set. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to our Youth Ministry program! Thank you for your support.

The Next Week at MWMC


Choir Rehearsal
Sun Sept 24

Tai Chi for Beginners
Tue Sept 26

Time to Pray
Wed Sept 27

Reach Youth
Thr Sept 28

District Missions Convention (thru Saturday)
Fri Sept 29

Sunday School
Sun Oct 1

World Communion Sunday Worship
Sun Oct 1


Vital Statistics

Attendance: 142
Offering Total: $4,097

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