MWMC This Week – August 13, 2017

MWMC This Week – August 13, 2017

August 13, 2017

Season of Pentecost

During these weeks the Church around the world celebrates the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in our midst. He draws us in faith and conforms us to the image of Jesus Christ. May you sense the Spirit’s work in and around you as we worship God today.

Call to Worship
“Come Into His Presence”
Responsive Gospel Invocation
Matthew 13:54-58
Opening Hymn #422
“Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”
Songs of Praise
“I’ve Got My Mind Made Up”
“Step By Step”
Old Testament Reading
Psalm 105:1-8
Song of Response
“Bless the Lord, O My Soul”
Time of Prayer
“God Is So Good”
Children’s Moment
“I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Mercies”
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
New Testament Reading
Romans 10:1-10
“Saving Faith”
Axel Kazadi
Time of Response
Prayer of Commitment
Closing Hymn #89
“Children of the Heavenly Father”

The Czech Republic

Missionaries Luke & Megan Adams serve with Global Partners in the Czech Republic. Last week they posted an update on the work…

Hello Friends, Super exciting news! After a week of Summer English Camp, a girl on my team named Misa made a decision to follow Christ! The decision was probably a couple of years coming. She began participating at camp and other activities we host in Brno during this period. She has met and learned from many of the missionaries on our team. Often, and especially in the Czech Republic, it can take a long time for a person to fully open their heart to Christ. But it is so encouraging to be here when it happens. We rejoice with her in this decision!

Thank you for praying for our Czech pastor here. He is slowing recovering from his near-fatal illness. And this is a powerful testimony for everyone who has met him. It is truly an honour to be part of God’s work in this land. Thank you for your partnership in prayers and giving. We are all enjoying the summer ministry here. Please let us know how we can pray for you too!

God bless you.

– Luke, Megan, Cole, Jensen & Lucy Adams

Sunrise Nursing Home Service Today we will venture out to the Sunrise Nursing Home for our monthly service with the residents. Join us as we share loving greetings and Good News of Jesus in our community. Speak with Chris Lai or Norma Ashley to learn more.

Thank You Dear Milliken Church, Thank you for the love and affirmation you shared with me last Sunday at the reception. I am so grateful for all the ways you have invested in and encouraged me during my years at Milliken. I will continue to pray for you as you take up God’s direction for your future. In Christ, Lucas Robb

The Games We Played will begin this Saturday (August 19th) at 10am. Bring a friend as we share fun and fellowship together, with a little bit of competition! Speak with Stephen Rollins to learn more.

Celebration of the Arts This annual concert of diverse music will take place here in the Sanctuary on Friday, August 25th. Come out to enjoy the many creative forms of expression the Holy Spirit has given to the people who know and love Him. You will be inspired and uplifted through all that is shared.

The Next Week at MWMC

Sunrise Nursing Home Service
Sun Aug 13

Church Office Closed (thru Friday)
Mon Aug 14

Tai Chi for Beginners
Tue Aug 15

Time to Pray
Wed Aug 16

Music Team Rehearsal
Thr Aug 17

The Games We Played
Sat Aug 19

Morning Worship
Sun Aug 20

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