MWMC This Week – May 7, 2017

MWMC This Week – May 7, 2017

May 7, 2017


Christians around the world rejoice during this season. Jesus is alive forevermore! We hope that you will experience the joy and power of the Living Lord as your worship with us today.

PreService Music
“He Is Our Peace”
Call to Worship
“O How I Love You, Jesus”
Responsive Invocation
John 10:1-10
Songs of Praise
“Our God” “In the Name of Jesus” “Jesus, What a Beautiful Name”
Old Testament Reading
Exodus 24:3-8
Hymn of Response #458
“Take My Life, and Let It Be”
Time of Prayer
“Love Came Down”
Children’s Moment
After this presentation, children will be dismissed the Preschool Church & Children’s Church sessions.
Announcements & Offertory Prayer
“Everlasting Hope”
Time of Greeting
“Make Us One”
New Testament Reading
Ephesians 2:11-22
“LIFE: Together”
Pastor Pryor
Time of Response
“Jesus, All For Jesus”
Closing Hymn #455
“I Am Thine, O Lord”
Choral Benediction
“The Lord Bless You & Keep You”
“In the Name of Jesus”


Tonight at 6:30 pm we invite you to join us as we “Pray For One” Every believer is invited to regularly remember one person who has yet to know Christ. Let us also remember every one of our missionaries who bring the Gospel to many!

For a list of the missionaries Milliken supports, pick up a paper copy of the bulletin and pray for our missionaries regularly!

Sunrise Nursing Home Service will take place today at 1:30 pm. Join our merry crew and share the love of God with the people at Sunrise Home. Speak with Ho Kwong Lai or Norma Ashley to learn how you can participate.

International Women of God will begin this Saturday at 1 pm in the gym. Purchase your tickets today in the foyer. All ladies will enjoy this celebration of food, music and the life God gives through this excellent program. Speak with a LIFT Team member to learn more.

Children Lead Worship Next Sunday we will celebrate life with joy as our children lead us in worship. Bring your mother, daughter, and/or granddaughter as we give thanks to God for the heritage of love that has shaped each one of us.

Spring Clean Up Day The Milliken Church trustees are making arrangements for a time to spruce up and clean up our building and grounds on Saturday, May 20th. Speak with Stephen Rollins, Derry Howell or Michael Willock to learn how you can assist. Many hands are needed to make the work light.

Easter Cantata DVDs are being duplicated for those who would like to see and hear all that was shared at Milliken Church on Easter Day. Speak with Pastor Pryor if you would like to receive one of these recordings.

The Next Week at MWMC


Choir Rehearsal
Sun May 7

Sunrise Nursing Home Service
Sun May 7

Evening Prayer Service
Sun May 7

Aerobics Group
Mon May 8

Tai Chi for Beginners
Tue May 9

Ladies Evening Bible Study
Tue May 9

Time to Pray
Wed May 10

Ladies Morning Bible Study
Thr May 11

Reach Youth
Thr May 11

LIFT: International Women of God
Sat May 13

Christian Education Hour
Sun May 14

Morning Worship Service
Sun May 14

Vital Statistics

Attendance: 143
Offering Total: $3,811

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