Central Canada District Missions

Encouraging every church to pray give and go so that Jesus will be known in
Burma, Egypt, Ghana, Mexico through World Hope Canada ministry

World Hope Canada

World Hope Canada works with some of the poorest people in the world and the good news is that we can make a tremendous difference in their lives! We are a Christian relief and development organization with a focus on those who could be easily forgotten.

Burma (Myanmar)

Very few people in Burma have heard the life-giving message of Jesus. We are always astounded by the responses to the Holy Spirit during our annual evangelistic ministry trips for the Burma Border Gospel Mission. People in Burma are hungry to know of the loving God who can heal, forgive, provide, and renews their lives.


In spite of ill-treatment and even persecution, the Wesleyan Christians in our 25 sister churches of this ancient land never cease to pray for us in Canada! As a despised minority, they must trust God daily for deliverance, encouragement and even daily supply of things we take for granted.They are also encouraged to see a rising generation of young Egyptians who have a deep interest Jesus and are coming to faith in Him!


The church is alive, thriving, and growing in Ghana. In recent years, we began a ministry of training pastors. This work has been taken over by the national leadership, but they simply cannot keep up with need for more church pastors and leaders. Our ministry of medical missions also preserves and blesses lives.


Dave Williams serves as our Mexico field coordinator. Several of our young churches in this area have already been built up by volunteers from many of our churches on mission there. And as a result, dozens of Mexican believers have found Jesus and worship in buildings that Central Canadians have built!

Ryan & Sarah Schmitz (Nicaragua)

Ryan and Sarah have been with Global Partners since 2009, serving as long-term missionaries to Nicaragua. They serve the Nicaraguan church by hosting short-term mission teams.They build relationships with the Nicaraguans through economic development and reaching out to young students with the hope of Jesus.

Luke & Megan Adams (Czech Republic)

For quite some time, Luke and Megan Adams have had a desire and a calling to long-term missions work. They have an increasing burden and passion to share the gospel with unreached people groups, they felt the time was right to begin the process of becoming long-term missionaries.

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